Its not what happens to you but how you react when it does --------------


Stress help understanding

Remember, when you're feeling wound up, your body is like a car running on high-energy fuel. Sitting still might not help much. It would be best if you used up that energy with some action. A quick walk, a run, chopping wood, or even making love can help burn off that buzz. Choose what works for you, and you'll feel more ready to calm down and focus on breathing and meditation. It's also important to give your body what it needs daily to keep your nerves balanced and prevent overreacting.

Stress Help two tablets content

Each two tablets pack: Niacinamide 33mg, l-Glutamine 67mg, Calcium pantothenate b5 67mg, B6 33mg, B1 13mg, B2 10mg, Inositol 10mg, Choline 10mg, Folic acid 200mcg, Biotin 100mcg, PABA 6.7mg, Magnesium 67mg, Calcium[citrate] 33mg, Potassium citrate 33mg, Zinc monomethionine 6.7mg, Chromium (nicotinate) 100mcg, Liquorice root 100mg, Withania 333mg, Ginseng 333mg, Passiflora 200mg, Vervain 200mg, Vit C 133mg, Grapeseed 33.3mg. Take with or without food, morning or noon. Avoid intake after 4 pm or six hours before sleep.


Stress B complex 2 or 3 or more times daily.

Calcium Magnesium powder at night.

Relax sleep drops as required day or night.

This relaxes the physical body and quietens your mind so that you're able to focus on what you are doing, including sleeping 



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