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stress help understanding


It would help if you kept in mind that your body has a high-octane fuel running around during stress, so it first needs to be burnt off. Sitting still and trying to calm yourself may not work. You may need to burn the energy somehow. Try a brisk walk - it may be running or chopping wood, or if you're lucky, making love, they will all generally burn it off. Just take your pick of what is available, and you will be in a better space to listen to your breathing and meditation.
You will need to put into your body what you use to do what you do in the day to balance your nervous system on a regular base to avoid lack of balance and overreaction . . .


stress B complex 2 or 3 times daily .

Calcium Magnesium powder at night .

Relax sleep drops as required day or night .

this relaxes the physical body and quietens your mind so that your able to focus on what you are doing including sleeping 

 Stress help B Complex one at breakfast, one at lunch. It needs to be at least twice daily as it is water soluble and has a 4/5 hour or less life depending on your challenges. 2 to 3 daily is required, but one at a time; we put twice as many in a bottle.


Stress Help two tablets content

Ingredients of two tablets Niacinamide 33mg, l-Glutamine 67mg, Calcium pantothenate b5 67 mg, B6 33 mg, B1 13 mg, B2 10 mg, i inositol 10 mg, Choline 10 mg, folic acid 200 mcg. biotin 100 mcg, PABA,6.7mg, magnesium 67mg, Calcium[citrate] 33 mg, potassium citrate 33 mg, Zinc monomethionine 6.7 mg   chromium as nicotinate 100 mcg, liquorice root 100 mg, Withania 333 mg ginseng 333 mg, Passiflora 200 mg, vervi n 200 mg, ascorbic acid Vit c 133 mg grapeseed 33.3 mg and tablet aids      breakfast and lunch 

 more maybe taken with or without food as required but not recommended after 4.00 pm or six hours before bed


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