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Drops may be used day or night,

This product will help reduce and relax the physical body's tension and quieten the mind so that you can better relax during the day but stay focused. It will also help you sleep or get back to sleep at night.

Contains herbs to relax the body physically and Bach flowers to quieten the mind 

Relax and sleep drops are Taken as required during the day at reduced amounts to relieve tension and stress without drowsiness. They are repeated as required when settling at night, before bed, and if waking during the night. They contain herbal calmers, relaxants, and a Bach flower remedy for an overactive mind. 

IRelax and sleep drop INGREDIENTS HerbsPassiflora, Withania, skullcap, liquorice root Bach flowers, Rockrose, inpatients, clematis, star, cherry plum, white chestnutBase colloidal silver and aloe Vera.

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