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Try Calcium Magnesium powder for children and adults that now breaks down in water or maybe mixed with food ,  there are many reasons to take a good low calcium with a high absorption magnesium Complex mineral formula. To aid in  bone balance, may help with period pains, headaches ,cramp,   it will generally help sleep patterns if taken half an hour or so before bed. The Pot Lot Calcium Magnesium is a 150 gm powder 1/2 to one level teaspoon for adults ,children at the 1/2 level  taken daily as required also recommended for active bone growing children  , or people that have difficulty swallowing pills. Growing and teething pains are almost always a lack of Minerals.

NOT to be taken as well as our tablet mineral formula .Do not exceed the stated dose talk to us for individual recommendations .


nerve nutritional 51.90 250

Cal/mag  ----   Cramp ,Sleep patterns, irregular heart beats ,120 tabs only $27.90

120 size twice daily breakfast lunch ----- Stress Help

$19 for 50ml $28.00 100ml

Our popular  Virus protection for flu and colds  Colds,Flu

Calcium Magnesium powder is back $29.50 150gm

$19 and $28

Getting off to sleep repeat during the night daytime with 1/2 dosage as required in stress situations  ------Stress Help




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Colodial silver and Manuka honey for infection and difficult skin  $19.50

Treating the person and not just their label conditions .

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1000 mg four magnesiums complex at a great price of $22.50

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Pain Free at HALF PRICE

That is caused during or  after sitting and sleeping better for movement Joints

Save $20.00

One a day formula Buy one get one ----FREE

Joints   The symptoms that require this formula would be joint pain that is wose for movement and better from rest 

$39.90 for two x 120

his condition is often worst after sitting or sleeping and is in the main caused by acidic build up crystallizing in the joint space locking the bones together until movement breaks it up after sitting or sleeping  .
With this condition we recommend to avoid acid foods including citrus fruit of the orange family .

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