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Cramp ,Sleep pattens, irregular heart beats ,

Rosehip [vit C]

For troubled skin and as a mousturizer $18.50
reduce and relax tension of the physical body and quieten the mind .contains natural herbs and Bach flowers
growing pains or cramp, grumpy, poor sleep ,headaches ,Panic attacks,powder form ,$22.50

infection slow to heal 100 gm $16.50

Colds cough and flu

100ml $27.oo 50ml $17

waterzone replacements

ONE daily to Prevent colds and flu three daily
if you haven't been doing so 90 caps for $26.50

aches and pains

quick results $16.50 100 gm
Waterzone dome replcement
Waterzone stone replacment

Waterzone refill

Waterzone Tap replacement $15.00
120/ 250 size .Go to the stress help page for infomation

Colloidal silver manuka honey cream


2 x60x160mg for $45.00

600 mg alkaline Vit C 220 x 600 mg 5 flavors $18.90