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 Virus immune formula 

Our popular Virus immune formula will help to balance and protect and aid in assisting with balancing the immune system to function better.
Take this formula when you have a virus or a cold best every two hours for two days to quickly correct by balancing and sometimes switching back on after stress, the immune system.

 Normal dosage 

When symptoms are around is three times daily, stop when balanced .

with two hourlies @10 drops for two days if full on action is required.

Prevention 15 drops days 5 a week. If the general health is compromised
Olive leaf ,echinacea, astragalus sambucas, thuja ,with a colloidal silver aloe Vera base,  

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Cold Virus
The best way to protect against colds, flu and general winter ailments are firstly to work on your general health so that your energy and the general feeling of well-being is strong. To do this you maybe on   our Stress B, twice daily - breakfast and lunch used as a multi. Make certain that your diet is one that fits your metabolism, 

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