If you have a sensitive human in your life, please treat them as such. They aren't like others. Their complex nervous systems and gentle hearts become overwhelmed more quickly, particularly when out of balance. Load Noises, crowds, arguments, violence, harsh words, raised voices, energy shifts, and anger will be enough for a sensitive person to shut down communication. They see no point in that exchange. They may not say a lot, as their world is mostly internal, and You will find them often amongst animals and nature, as it brings them back to themselves.

They are possibly peacemakers, Creative, Artistic, or  healers who may enjoy being

Teachers, Nurses, and caregivers, who tend to tread the earth lightly.'

But it is their responsibility to balance that high-frequency nerve requirement nutrition to stay comfortable in their own skin as they go about their lives, and not the responsibility of others to assist or share unless they choose to.


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