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Balancing hormones

The pituitary or the thyroid may influence the balance of the hormonal self, so these also need to be considered. Generally, any time after forty is Peri-Menopause time. The two main hormonal groups are estrogen and progesterone, which will significantly be down to which one is the most influencing hormone as they will affect you quite differently. Treating one with a formula that would best balance the other is often, naturally, not successful.                                          

Balancing hormones


So, you lovely big cuddly ladies with lots of curves generally have intense estrogen levels, and you will have the more extended, predictable slowdown of hormones as you start with more. As your level decreases, the night sweats, hot flushes, mental fuzziness, and sometimes incontinence or frequent urination may be happening, but the main difficulty is sweats and flushes. These usually start with night sweats and progress on with daytime ones. The formulas for this are the Black Cohosh, chaste tree, and combination type formulas, and they are better and safer than single black Cohosh herb formulas. These need to be taken at the prescribed total amount for two months, then maybe reduced as Shop controls symptoms.


Balancing Hormones 

You, ladies, have for most of your life been slim, eat food and burn it off types, and you are more likely to climb trees and get into mischief than wear a party dress. Your symptoms are more likely to be dryness of the body and therefore uncomfortable while making love and with a need for Hacker's great persona Prima cream, topically, and omega three oil [Sanderson] 220 x 2000mg caps as you will be dry internally also. It is more likely to make you grumpy with the sweats or flushes there for a few days and then gone. So, your formulas should be more into balancing the hormones. A good one, for starters, is Harmony for a month. Then this may be stopped and restarted as required. Talk to Roy or Di to find out what will best work for your Balance 

balancing hormones


Yes, some of you guys do have hot sweats at night, and the ears and lobes may change shape and become elongated and go annoyingly red, but the main thing to balance is your prostate, as it will regrow after the age of 40 if Zinc is missing in the diet, and New Zealand has low Zinc levels. Selenium also is required for healthy sperm. The over50s will almost certainly have some enlargement, so a formula with strong Saw palmetto to reduce the size and with the other key ingredients will maintain a healthy prostate. --


Vita fit  Selenium A.C.E. Zinc, with pine Bach. -----one daily

Prostate Balance 
size reduction
High saw palmetto, nettle, Zinc, relax formula, marshmallow. chase tree, for high P.S.A. levels and enlargement balance.   
Vita fit       Prostate formula complex -----------------one a day to maintain a regular-sized and general health balance.

It is important with all symptomatic Prostate conditions to avoid overuse of acidic food, particularly fruit juices, overuse of citrus fruit particularly ones out of season [use NZ-grown oranges ] sugar, overuse of red meat
Maintain well-balanced stress levels as that is the quickest way to create high acid and overreaction to information


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