stress Help
Its not just what happens to you but how you react when it does 

Stress Help   
 complex two tablets content.

Ingredients of two tablets: Niacinamide 33mg, l-Glutamine 67mg, Calcium pantothenate b5 67 mg, B6 33 mg, B1 13 mg, B2 10 mg, I inositol 10 mg, Choline 10 mg, folic acid 200 mcg. biotin 100 mcg, PABA,6.7mg, magnesium 67mg, Calcium[citrate] 33 mg, potassium citrate 33 mg, Zinc monomethionine 6.7 mg   chromium as nicotinate 100 mcg, liquorice root 100 mg, Withania 333 mg ginseng 333 mg, Passiflora 200 mg, vervi n 200 mg, ascorbic acid Vit c 133 mg grapeseed 33.3 mg and tablet aids      breakfast and lunch 

 more may be taken with or without food as required but not recommended after 4.00 pm or more than four hours before bed

Stress Help

 Looking for a more balanced life? Start by feeding your body good food. Try our Stress B Complex breakfast and lunch to help your nervous system. For better sleep and calmer nights, try our Calcium-magnesium complex powder. It can help with cramps, heart palpitations, headaches, and more. Don't forget about exercise—it's a great way to de-stress. Go for a walk, do some gardening, or try anything that helps you clear your head. Ka kite anō! 


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