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I'll say it straight up: eating cholesterol is not dangerous for your hearth or your health. In fact, there are a ton of good reasons to eat MORE of it.

The fact is: dietary cholesterol (cholesterol in food) has simply nothing to do with blood cholesterol.

The famous researcher Ancel Keys said it better than everyone else several years ago:
"There's no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood. And we've known that all along. Cholesterol in the diet doesn't matter at all."
Please, for the sake of everything that matters in this good life... DO NOT throw away your egg yolks! The yolk is where all the fat-burning omega-3 and most of the vitamins and minerals are.
What about your blood cholesterol? Do you need to worry about keeping your levels in the "normal range", using drugs like statins if necessary – in order to avoid the fate of the 2,150 Americans who die every day from heart disease?

Not really. I mean, your cholesterol shouldn't be your main health concern at all.

But high cholesterol is actually NOT the real problem – even if pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists try to convince you otherwise in order to sell more drugs.

Your body NEEDS cholesterol to survive. Heck, 25% of your body's cholesterol is in your brain -- where it helps you be a thinking an intelligent person who can figure that statins are a freaking scam.
The real killer is arterial plaque,
which happens when your artery wall thickens as a result of the accumulation of calcium and fat.This plaque is caused by inflammation.
How can you protect your heart and fight inflammation?

One of the best ways I know of is by ensuring you:

1) Avoid inflammatory foods (think fast food, sugar, inflammatory oils, and cheap grain-fed meats) and choose anti-inflammatory foods high in nutrients (think grass-fed beef, organic veggies, coconut oil and avocados)

2) Get enough animal-based omega-3 from wild-caught fish or a quality supplement
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