So You Want To Have A Baby?

Think of the next three months as building the nest time. Get your body nice and healthy before you conceive. One of the main things to do is to take 800 mcg folic acid daily. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defects, and is an important precaution, best used for 3 months before conception and for the first trimester of your pregnancy. If you have been trying to conceive and it hasn't happened have a chat with us to see what else might be required to balance you. We sometimes use magcalplus with good results, other options according to need. It is a good idea for your man to use a selenium ACE formula as it helps produce good healthy sperm.

If you have a stressful lifestyle you can also both use our stress B complex at this time. It helps to keep you calm and relaxed, but lifts the mood and energy - life is more fun.

Early Pregnancy

So you've made it this far, congratulations! Stay on your folic acid for the first three months

This is where you change a few things.
Stop taking the stress B complex and use Prenatal Nutrients instead. This formula has the correct balance to assist with your energy and to make healthy babies. Tiredness is very common in the first three months, your body is very busy on the inside, and there may not be much left over for you.

Nausea can be a problem as no doubt you know. Eating small and often is helpful, keeps your blood sugar more stable, and if the nausea is really bad you will find drinking through a straw is less likely to provoke vomiting than trying to drink a glass full of water.

We have found Nausyn very good to reduce nausea. It is safe to use throughout the pregnancy. We found a smaller dose than recommended seemed to work better.

Food, What to Avoid

There are some foods you should avoid completely during pregnancy. They may carry listeria, salmonella, toxoplasmosis parasite, or cause food poisoning. the consequences of contracting any of these should be avoided .
Soft cheeses with mould rinds
Raw, or undercooked eggs, or any food (such as some mayonaise) which contains them.
Raw milk
Pate (all types)
Wash all fruit and vege so there is no dirt left on them (reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis)
Also avoid caffeine as too much can lead to difficulty conceiving, low birth weight, or miscarriage. It is interesting that one of the first things to cause nausea during pregnancy is the smell of coffee.


The in-betweens

These middle months can really drag, especially if this is your first child and you're not busy with little ones. Make sure you add in variety to your life, don't just focus on the joyful event to come. This will help you with adjusting after the birth. Otherwise everything is focused on the birth and then when that is done there is no continuity of other activities. You find yourself with baby (which is lovely) and baby things to do (also good), but everything else has stopped. This could add to 'baby blues' feelings, so be sure and arrange a few activities, which can be done as and where you want to, to carry through with.

Keep yourself healthy by continuing with your prenatal nutrients, regular checks with your midwife/doctor, healthy diet and regular gentle exercise, nothing strenuous. From about 6 months you can add in raspberry leaf to tone your uterus (avoid this for the first 5 months of pregnancy). Address any other issues as and when required


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