Us older bod's
It is a well known fact that as the population average age has increased we have in fact become more healthy and able to live a more active life than before so what are we able to do to keep our body's working at a good rate so that we are able to do the things that still interest us and not continually saying I'm to old .
Well the first thing is to stop saying I'm too old and start looking at the real reason, and that is you are not as healthy or generally fit enough .O.K.so there are a lot of you guys who have parkinson's , MS. Arthritis, and other complaints that tend to become more of a pain as we slow our activity down we do need to respect this in our advancing years and maybe give up bungy jumping and high speed skating But if you love it don't give it just remember to take break's more often and just give up the things that you should not have been doing anyway and that is, the things you don't like doing , everyone is better off staying more active than sitting on there butt saying I am to old and that goes for you old 40 year old's too Age generally isn't the problem your conditions and the thinking I am to old is .This is not a race either to see who is the best just stay fitter and more able to fill your life with fun and not just pain .If you are off to the gym ask the trainer to help you with a balanced small workout containing core strength and cardio work, some of you would benefit from home workouts using exercises that uses your body's weight there is some good charts on the internet but do work within your limits and Do not believe the comment there is no gain without pain ,as pain is letting you know you have over done it , as with any age group there is a need for the body to recover, so every other day for any age group with a mixture of gym work ,gardening and brisk walking on soft ground or at the beach is a good combination but do have fun with it .
So what Pills and potions should the bucket list guys use, well as we age the skin becomes thinner and tends to bruise easier and therefore you feel pain more quickly when knocked, the the circulation becomes a little slower but this generally is only because you have become less active ,so that will improve as you see yourself able to do more than you thought ,Personally I have only ever seen myself as who I am and that's not male or female this age or that in this box or that but just me, and as when I was born they only had left over body parts, that were miss shaped and different sizes so they don't really work together, but they gave them to me anyway ,so guys just work with what you have and improve it best you are able .Important formulas1] Ones that we/Doc have recommended for your conditions
Skin, Keeping skin plump and soft is important as this will prevent damage from dryness that often causes inflammation, redness, infection, and quickness to bruise . use Omega three 2000 mg odourless capsules same size as the 1000 but twice the strength ,If you are constipated without laxatives use the 1000 mg and take more of them flaxseed also is a good bowl oil .The amount of the oil caps required will depend on the dryness of skin and bowls if these are dry you have dryness throughout. ,Coconut oil on your skin and in your body[ instead of Margarine maybe ] is good to go with these but don't count it if you cook with it as although better than other oils for this , it is only really beneficial when unheated. collagen capsules will help strengthen the tissue and calc fluor [no 1 salt ] will improve the elasticity of tissue veins /skin,
If you are having a real problem with bruising and black veins , [damage to fine veins] some Rutin tablets 500 mg use one or two daily [used stop and start method . ]
Joints Stiff/painful worse from sitting or sleeping use Joint Restore twice daily , plus omega three 2000 ,and collagen beautiful skin tabs , Inflamed joints go health one a day combination ,or glucosamine chondroitin formula Other formulation will depend on body's condition but a good multi nerve formula to restore balance twice daily will increase energy and help you cope and be more positive .
So Guys if your into new years resolutions make it to be .I will fill my life with the things I have fun with and allow myself to be more honestly me, "What ever my age maybe" .


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