Anti ageing and alzheimer's avoidance

Causes and risk factors. Like all types of dementia, Alzheimer's is caused by brain cell death. It is a neurodegenerative disease, which means there is progressive brain cell death that happens
over time. In a person with Alzheimer's, the tissue has fewer and fewer
nerve cells and connections.

Like most things in life keep it simple as all   answers general are

Energy activity and movement,  small and often self Balancing and blood flow to the brain .

This is based on my simple way of life so your list my use some of these or not

Stress and not challenges  shrinks the brain so make certain that you love what you do

Challenges are not stressful if you wait and understand them, thy are infact productive to brain function  .

everything should be based on this Love what you do thinking in fact if your doing it because you think you should ,your not really  listening to your body so you are already on a decline anyway why are you doing it anyway.

Don't retire from the things you love to do.Work isn't work if you enjoy it

.Brisk walking three times a week for 30-40 minutes or bike ride or Run if that's your thing

Dancing is Great for you too ,

Mind activity

Play computer mind games competitively or noncompetitive needs to be challenging but take your time and do it slowly to start with  .[use it or lose it ] 

If you do a full days gardening, or are still working at something physical for part of the day

that's your exercise for the day.

It is better to catnap[ or meditate on nature for 10 minutes in the sun in your garden or park, between physical actions .that extended yourself to heavy breathing [yes that's fine if your lucky enough]

Don't   over use  heavy metals in diet or supplementation [Iron Copper  Zinc  ]

smoking contains heavy metals too , 

Let the tap run for a few seconds before drinking the water, then fill a jug leave in your space for a few hours [not the fridge ] with the daily amount drinking it slowly throughout the day this way it goes into your tissue and not just down the Loo

Don't use any supplementation without understanding why you need it,as  we are all different .

I use my own Stress B complex breakfast and lunch  and Calcium Magnesium Complex powder at night as my regular supplementation to balance who I am and what I do with my day .
Keep diet simple and full of energy and as near live as possible


.Avoid over use of  animal fats and,trans fats Omega six oils unless contains 3 and 9 also preserved goods Basic food of 40 years ago .simple really if you dont like it do not eat it .

Salads ,and  a general diet of  Vegetables with the addition of 10% -15 % protein if needs be from other forms as well as chicken legs  or fish

When I eat fruit I avoid other foods due to the digestion time as it  is so short before fermentation [gas] sets in while other foods are still Digesting for hours after .

A good digestive enzyme complex maybe useful to get the best out of your food as you age your liver and pancreas maybe not producing enough to breakdown food correctly in the correct  time anyway 

I find it best to Eat most of my food by lunchtime. never try sleeping after eating or within four hours as your body is still working .

Small amounts of Dairyif able to but  only .avoiding cheese if unwell or if  you  have  sinus difficulty's

.Added Sugar[[or replacements ] are not  foods  so has no Place in anyone's diet

Coffee if you must  in the Am never later than 2 pm particularly if you are a sensitive like me .


Sip water from a good supply after standing  slowly throughout the day,

a large amount is not required as most of my food contains mainly water  [fruit and vegetables]

Fruit juices

Are not natural, and thy are   acidic

Sleep Patterns

The Worst thing to do regarding sleep and your health is to worry about not getting enough while trying to do so

I f your condition means that you are inactive you will not require a great deal of sleep more importantly it is about restfulness and yes more than you need is not helpful

Personally 5-6- hours sleep works well for me with a bit of chatting in between  in the winter as I have less to do then and have no reason to get up as in the summer  at  6.00 am .

Most conditions will correct themselves if you balance your input to match your output what you do with your day and how you do it ] its about understanding self and if you use google information make certain that it is used to correct the reason why your body is not working the way you wish

Just saying automatically each time that its because your old, is a give up ! and  not a solution avoid   treat symptoms with just another label drug unless it is treating why you have the condition itself

Live your life and have Fun with it or your just waiting in the waiting for God Que 

With Respect to your body's



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