YES or No to Omega three and six oils

Its always about the individuals requrments and like every other product has very little to do with what every one should or should not take .
Dry skin constipated stiff inflamed joints you will certainly benefit from a coarse of treatment .
Omega six
Due to the very high Omega six oil products in our diet particularly in foods other than our basic meat and vegetables and fruit, this in my opinion creates 90% of the high inflammation difficulties of our time and if the balance is best able corrected within the diet with added supplementation of a good Omega three to further correct the imbalance .
Flax seed oil is a 3/6/9/ oil and is usful for bowl issues due to the oil being a little more difficult for the body to pick up and therefore will have the effect of softening the motions faster , but generally I would recommend Omega three to raise the three level more quickly .
All oil is best taken with the main meal for better absorption,and if using Cq10 formulas also needs to be taken at this time.


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