Calcium Magnesium Complex Powder thepotlot.co.nz

Moody, Grumpy, growing pains, teething, Cramp Headaches, reflux, quietening the mind, sleep patterns, nerve balance, 

the difference in days, particularly with ADHD or other emotional disturbances.
The recommended amount for 2-9 years is 1/4 tsp.
Adults 1/2 teaspoon up to one teaspoon daily, depending on activity and mood.
in a small amount of water or may be mixed in food.
ingredients per 3-gm teaspoon are-----
Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Phosphate 2.34 g elemental 810 mg
Magnesium oxide elemental 368 mg
Zinc gluternate 71 mg 9.2 elemental
Boron chelates 37 mg elemental 3.5 mg
Vitamin D3 9.


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