The Seven energy centers

But what exactly are these 7 Chakras?

Chakras are 7 circular vortexes of energy (or sometimes pictured as flowers with petals) starting from your tail bone, and ending at the crown of your head. They are the focal points of your life force, or prana–and their individual states are vital to your holistic well-being.

Consider this–if we are all energetic beings of limitless potential, why do we face challenges in so many aspects of our lives? Why do our relationships, finances, career and love life sometimes go awry?

The answer may be that the Chakra controlling this part of your life is dysfunctional–which means it's your job to strengthen it.

Today, more and more people are realizing that the ancient science of Chakra Healing holds the key to virtually everything you've ever wanted in life. Have you ever wondered how some people can…

  • Almost effortlessly become top performers at work, have all the money they need for necessities and luxuries alike, and look fabulous doing it? That's because their 1st Chakra, which controls their career and finances, is strong.
  • IIndulge in mind-blowing lovemaking multiple times a week, even if they're extremely busy and have been married for years? Their 2nd Chakra which controls their sensuality and passion, is most likely glowing.
  • Consistently project an image of unwavering confidence, even in the toughest of situations, and play an active role in their families and communities? That's all thanks to the radiance of their 3rd Chakra, which controls their personal power.
  • Enjoy deep, loving and understanding relationships with their teenage children, spouses, friends co-workers, and solve any dispute amicably? Their 4th Chakra, which controls their relationships, is no doubt healthy.
  • Always speak their minds, wear their hearts on their sleeves, and be respected for their authenticity? That's a shining 5th Chakra, which controls their true voice, at work.
  • Rely on their "gut feelings" to intuitively solve problems at home and make important decisions at work–and be right about it most of the time? They've got an efficient 6th Chakra, which controls their intuition, to thank for that.
  • Experience an unwavering connection to God and their higher selves, and savor the security of knowing they're being watched over at all times? Their 7th Chakra, which controls their divine consciousness, is surely empowered.

"Great Minds on Chakra"
The precursor to the Silva Method

"Before the Silva Method was developed, I trained people to read auras so they would be aware of people's problems… Auras of the human body are said to be composed of seven radiating dimensions, each connected to a source that is spiritual, in the sense that it is nonphysical. The point where each dimension connects to the physical is called a chakra, a Sanskrit word. There are seven centers of life energy in the human body counting from a Chakra at the base of the spine to one at the top of the head

Learn from the source of all energy healing practices.

Have you tried any form of energy healing in your life? Maybe Yoga? Tai Chi? Qi Gong? Reiki? If so, then you've already experienced some form of Chakra Healing at work.

Why? Because Chakra Healing is energy healing in its purest, truest form–and all energy healing disciplines are based on the concept of Chakras. The origins of this ancient science are rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, and date back to the time of the Vedas, four holy books that Hindus believe emerged between 1500 and 1200 BC.

So if you're looking for holistic, effective healing in every aspect of your life, why not learn from the source?

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