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This one isn't a specific food or drink, but rather probably THE most important tip I can give you... if you don't follow this one, your chances of being able to wind down at night and fall asleep fast are unlikely...You NEED to eliminate use of devices, computers, emails, and any other work related to your job (or other stressful things) 2 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Using devices or computers for casual reading at night is fine a boring one is best , but don't do any work that gets your mind overly activated, such as anything dealing with work or other stressful things in life. Also, even for casual reading, it's best to turn off devices at least 1 hour before bed as keeping your eyes focused on the light from devices is one thing that some researchers are saying could interfere with getting quality sleep. 

An overly active mind late at night is one of the BIGGEST things keeping many people from falling asleep. I used to work late at night and then I'd find that my mind was always too active to actually be able to fall asleep, so I'd lay there for hours sometimes until I could get my mind to slow down so that I could sleep, so I created   Shop

 Sleep Drops   Shop

 herbal liquid that had physical relaxants and Bach flower remedy's to quieten the mind we called it relax/sleep relax/sleep taken 10 minutes before bed and again as required in the bedroom

Have a Good night ..


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