I Believe by Di Traies

Balance yourself Part one

When life is getting a bit much and you feel like you're losing it, try some of these (only the ones that appeal).
Balance yourself: Part 1
a. Try a walking meditation.
The walking distracts your mind and the exercise burns off some of the stress hormones. Once you're about 5 minutes into your walk you can start you meditation which consists of focusing on what you can hear. e.g. Footsteps, gravel crunching, bird tweeting, dog barking. Whatever takes your attention focus completely on that sound until something else takes your attention. This quietens your mind and stops the 'going over and over again' business that minds get into when you're not happy with how you feel.
b. Stop blaming anyone else for how you're feeling, or what is happening for you.
Blaming makes you a victim and powerless to change anything.
This is your life, how are you going to live it. If you feel bad do one little thing, right now, that will make you feel a little less bad, and then tomorrow do something else that make you feel better.


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