Keep it simple supplements, and the danger of incorrect use

Keep it simple supplements, and the danger of incorrect usage 
We have talked about balancing the self and putting in what you take out of your body to be who you are and what you do with your day very generally speaking .
if you have a
labourers type involved work style 
You will require more good fats and protein good omega three oil with a good nerve nutritional formula daily .and enjoy a more relaxed spare time involvement to recover in 
where as an
office worker sedatery style occupation 
would more likely require a stress Multi Formula and concentrate on exercise in there mix of relaxation time 
The reason we spend so much time with our clients is because we are treating who they are to arrive at what they need and not just their labels they come in with .so there are certain processed foods that are not good for anyone but there is not such thing as a diet that is healthy for everyone but there is one for you individually .
Supplementation therefore naturally is base on supply and demand .
Rule of thumb on what to be careful with 
Generally limitations on amounts used particularly in certain cases
Omega three oil    best stored in a fridge when opened 
With the new 2000 mg capsules available one -two daily is the normal unless recommended by your health practitioner use a 1000 size if needing the oiliness and use four. 
Vit D toxic 
in higher doses use the sun to add it naturally 
above 150 -200 mcg is to high best taken together with the other antioxidants a c e zinc and pine bach [Selenium Ace
again toxic in high amounts but generally deficient in N.Z
symptoms are the same for to much as in not enough 
individual B vitamins vitamin C
these are water soluble and therefore are best used two or three times daily generally at around 600 mg of C unless in cases of high infection .
Vitamin B should contain all af the B and all of the nutrients you require for the day again taken two or three times daily but only with a balanced amount formula .
the pot lot stress B


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