Keep it simple two

Due to the high level of confusion regarding what is good for you and what isn't and as this changes from day to day depending who you are listening too or watching

as we said it is best to start by balancing the self 
Eliminate the stuff in your life that is being done so as to be nice ,

as you possible are only doing it to emotionally blackmail someone to be nice to you .Just be who you are .
balance the emotional levels by using a good nerve nutritional formula with a mineral balancer at night  daily .Eat foods that best works for you  with regards to  taste and healthy reaction to it..
Avoid high levels of any one food group looking for a mix of most food groups but Never a dependency for wheat and grain keep it in moderation personally I avoid supermarket bread for instance .
Remember there are a great number of wheat products .
Balance the amount of dairy used but we don't recommend avoidance unless you have allergy,s
This is the next stage of health if you are having difficulty's with this 
1] Avoid eating fruit with other foods 
2] Use a multi Digestive enzyme to quickly breakdown the stomachs food 
3]Use Pure slippery elm powder to line the stomach for a few days .
Don't drink a lot of anything while your eating or directly after as it will end up like a washing machine action and make digestion difficult .

So basic meat and vegetables diet

avoid canned foods,

and  just the occasional processed ones [bacon sausages etc ] avoid if not strong .

Have some fun with your day  ---- TODAY


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