general joint conditions and labels

Labeled conditions

Difficulties with Labeled conditions ,Often the reason that some
labeled conditions that have been given to you by your health adviser or
by self-diagnosing on the internet have proven to be unsuccessful is
generally due to the poorly interpretation of that Label and that
creates a situation where you are at best only going to get a 60% chance
of improvement and in some cases this action may make the situation
more uncomfortable or show little or no improvement at all .

Generally, this situation arises through lack of information given to
your health provider of actually how that label is affecting you as
most people consider that a label fully explains the difficulty that the
client is having and that the label gives all the information required
for that someone to come up with a solution for their problem If only it
was that simple 'arthritis " to me means

 inflammation Pain that is worst for movement 

,heat, and activity, that is better for rest and I would supply
a formula like good health One a Day or Sanderson Joint F.X using two JointPain
daily for a couple of days to reduce the inflammation to a manageable
level then reduce it to one daily to maintain and improve the joints

.congestive conditions       JointPain

Although this is generally called arthritis its symptoms are often not inflammatory ,in other words, things are not going to fast but in fact are slow and the pain or discomfort is worse after sitting and sleeping or on getting up from doing so and things generally improves as the day progresses with 

Rain and the cold making the situation worse and will require acid foods to be reduced

with you  possible working on stress /challenges balance

Yes you may have both too some extent due to the breaking up of the joint acidic

crystals causing inflammation and in these cases I recommend both
formulas using them to your discretion on what your personal symptoms
are at the time .

Joint restore congestion  JointPain  conditions one a day good health inflammation there are specials on these in-store and on the web and you are able to do one of each in a deal also.

Do please give full symptoms of your condition and not just the label to

get the correct formula so as to save your wasted costs taking the
incorrect one


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