labeled conditions

labeled conditions and what they may mean spersificilly to you as an individual

We will start with who and what we are and not our so called labelled complaints

As all Health conditions that have a set of symptoms will finish up with it being called something or other and that's fine as it narrows down possibly what it isn't , so labels are an assistance to make an assessment of a situation of what is happening in general and  with the addition of  blood works and work history they will often crate a good  bases for an opinion or at least a good starting point .
Unfortunately when it comes to labeling people as a condition and expecting them all to function in the same manner as each other  according to the label they have been  given becomes  a more difficult  situation and needs a broader interpretation of who they really are as a person with the tendencies to have some of the  symptoms of the label someone has chosen to call it .
So lets  start at the who you are and how you react to what you do with your day and your life   .
Do you love it ,hate it, somewhere in between. 

Do you pickup information and react according to your feelings or are you more  black and white in your disposition  all will have a major influence on your reaction and behavior that has nothing to do with your label but more about your life style and your reaction to it .
Almost all Labels relating to the person have become wide spread as if  by something we eat or something we take or do or the way we where born ,and in most cases they are based on a symptoms of the problem and not the cause.
I will look at some of these over the next few weeks and see how we are able to react to them and what we are able to do about improving how we as a person are able to benefit from a more personal approach to it .we will be looking for your own personal input also that may help others 

How we veiw and react to the Label is important

We are not that Label

ADS for instance has increased massively since 1980 and before 1960 didn't exits so  how is this possible .
Its simple someone didn't collect the symptoms together until then and it wasn't until the 80,s before it was recognized generally and  since then it has become  common place and due to the variations of the  condition these also are having  letters after the ADS .to clarify the differences regularly. 

My prediction is that within 20 years we will all have a labeled conditions attached to us to explain who we are and what we have on a disc inserted into  wrist, that will have really nothing to do with  who we really  are, but will control others opinion of us before they even meet us..
So what am I saying we do about it ,well just use the labels as an indication of the differences between one person and another without necessarily meaning  they have a complaint 

If you was to put people into three groups 

1 above normal   2 normal   3  different  
just how many of them would actually be so called normal anyway .
I am certainly not, and I have a few physical  structural irregularity's that could be used as classing me as defective for example added to the family label that we supposedly have
After I had been given a medical for national service into the air force the examiner said that you have a choice, that I was  according to regulation able  to be failed  due to certain structural irregularity's..but as you have  passed all the physical action  tests  A1 I am able to Pass you at the top level ,  so the choice is yours .

So my view is  it isn't the labels that will make you fail but your  own reaction to them .  


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