Adrenal fatigue

Addressing adrenal fatigue

by Chris Kresser:
 A lot of women who have hormone issues have adrenal fatigue syndrome. That’s at the root of the hormone issues often. So you definitely want to address any adrenal fatigue issues that are present. That’s going to be an important part of recovering your cycle to a normal cycle and optimizing your fertility. And part of addressing adrenal issues is making sure that your blood sugar is properly regulated. This is where all of the basic recommendations that we make in my book, and now in the 14Four, come into play. You have to nail down the basics first before you do anything else. You’ve got to get your diet in line, your stress management, your sleep, and your physical activity. Then once you have those dialed in, you can start working on some of these more advanced issues that we’re talking about. I hope that was helpful. I know it’s a big question, and there’s a lot that we covered. There are a lot of areas where you’re still going to need to kind of go and get more information. But I wanted to just provide at least an overview of all the different elements that can be involved in this, and to point you in the right direction for each of them. Again, I hope it was helpful. Thanks, everyone, for listening. See you next week.


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