Keep it Simple

Life itself is not complicated,just maybe only the way we use it is .

Part one

The news media exist due to its extreme nature only the most frightening or life threatening situations are the order of the day to get your interest .Tv news,major daily papers and last of all mr google himself ,useful indeed used correctly . in fact it is more about the understanding self before using this often effective information to see what it maybe that you think that you may have  .

Well as I was saying understand the who you are first how your particular body reacts to information [fight and flight reaction ] taking into consideration that if you work fifteen hour days at a job that you possible don't like doing, also maybe you   have three young children, you will be certainly tied frustrated and have poor general health and yet we would consider that your where managing well in the seconstances .

So Keep it simple 

We will be adding simple ways to look at what is real and what is just selling something we don't really need .


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