Virus immune drops when unwell 


10 drops every two hours for two days to balance and aid your body to remove the virus. use your stress B complex formula 2 or three times daily to help strengthen and may help in emotional balance 

Virus immune drops

The best way to protect against colds, viruses, and general winter ailments is to work on your general health to strengthen your energy and well-being. To do this, you will require a balanced formula like our Stress B, twice daily as multi males or females - breakfast and lunch used as a multi. Ensure your diet fits your metabolism, and include some raw salads and plenty of lightly cooked vegetables. Warming foods, like porridge for breakfast, particularly in winter, is also easy to use in your health powders. Add things like lecithin granules, L.S.A. [ground linseed, almonds and sunflower], and vitamin C powder. Using supplements this way saves on swallowing pills. Also, if there is inflammation in the body, stomach or intestinal ulcers, use slippery elm powder, which may be added to your breakfast if there is space. 

  Vit C Echinacea, Galic, &Zinc One per day protection, 90 capsules, so that you will last all winter long on one bottle. It may be used in summer for those people with poor health generally. 

Virus immune drops

The Pot Lot Virus immune drops may be used as a once-a-day protection formula. 

This will switch on the immune system if stress in the body has switched it off [like blowing a fuse]

. Many other natural immune ingredients can actually aggravate autoimmune conditions if used individually in high strength because they contain ingredients that stimulate the immune system even further. This is okay if the immune system is under-active, but if the immune system is overactive, as seen in those with allergies and autoimmune diseases, you don't want to stimulate it further with single high immune-stimulating herbs. This is because, with autoimmune diseases, the immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking the body's own healthy organs and tissues. This generally occurs due to the immune system not switching off its response after infection and the immune cells no longer communicating properly. The symptoms are similar to allergies caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to a substance either in the diet or environment, such as pollen. For example, when pollen enters the body, the immune system overreacts and produces histamine, causing symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. Help the immune system to provide a more effective immune response to chronic viral or bacterial infections by increasing our white blood cells. These are our immune cells that attack viral and bacterial infections and inhibit viruses from replicating, as well as provide an even faster immune response. A healthy immune system should be able to specify exactly which types of cells to produce and should be able to easily switch back and forth between either an increase or decrease in their immune response. An unhealthy immune system can get "stuck" in one of these responses, and an overactive one develops into allergies and autoimmune conditions.

Virus immune drops from The Pot Lot in Temuka or from this web site


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