Spring Fever

Spring fever
 Yes it is that time of year again there is great blossom and  unfortunately seed heads on trees at the moment.  The grass is growing and   lots of lovely scented flowers for us all to enjoy, with maybe the exception being   all you sensitives, as it's the time for sneezing and the eyes to start  running, with this  more noticeable with a northwest wind blowing. So what do you do about it?Balance the self using the nerve nutritional formulas regularly, you use that to stop everything from over reacting.Naturally avoid the known places that set things off. As Sensitives it is best to avoid heavy sedative type formulas and the best homeopathic remedy we have used has been mixed pollen by Weleda or the tablets by Naturo pharm. These are used, in bad cases, four times in the first hour and then three times daily, stopping their use when cleared, and may be reused as required. If you feel the need to use something to assist in prevention use:New Era tissue salt combination  H for hay feverI am told that pure vanilla oil under the nose has been effective at prevention and others have used fresh pollen grains also to prevent, but generally the mixed pollen homeopathic is the  most effective and gentle I have used on clients.


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