Baby reflexology

Below are seven common ailments that can be eased thanks to a specific massage.

1) Tooth pain

Is your little one suffering from tooth pain? It can be worthwhile to massage the tips of their toes, as those zones in body correspond with the part of your body that is responsible for toothaches. As long as you do it gently, you can even do it while your baby is asleep – he won't feel a thing, but won't wake up with tooth pain either.

2) Colds and respiratory ailments

Everyone catches a cold once in a while and we can all agree that while it isn't exactly a serious condition, it can be extremely annoying, especially for infants. Luckily, sinuses also have corresponding pressure points: just massage the center of the baby's toes. It can also help battling allergy symptoms.

3) Chest pain

Chest pain and all related congestion issues can be resolved by gently applying pressure to the pads of the feet, the area that is situated just underneath the toes and above the foot's arch. It's recommended to massage in a circular motion.

4) Upset tummies

If your baby is dealing with an upset tummy, you might want to consider massaging the center of the feet. It is connected with the solar plexus, a bunch of nerves between the stomach and lungs.


5) Constipation and indigestion

This reflexology point can help deal with some of the pain and stress that your baby feels when there are constipation or indigestion problems. Just massage the area directly between the middle point of your baby's feet and the pads.

6) Lower abdomen issues

Some weird things can happen in the lower abdomen, including but not limited to gas issues and lower intestine bloating. It's not particularly painful, but it can cause a bunch of discomforts. Luckily, the are between the heel and the middle of the foot can be massaged to help deal with these symptoms.

7) Pelvis issues

Some babies tend to grow a remarkable amount in a short time, often resulting in an overly tight feeling in the hips. Problems with your baby's posture can also occur. You can just simply rub the heels of the feet to alleviate some of the pressure, and massaging the heel is also beneficial when your baby has a sore tummy.

By Jonathan Maes | Shareably


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