Creating what you wont

In every human there is a divine spark. Nurturing that spark into
a flame to guide your reactions, I believe, should be your life’saim.If you maintain a balance between the principles of good healthand the conflicting demands of your personality and lifestyle, youcan lead a life free of disease and suffering. Your body and yourlife are a reflection of your mind and it is your mind that shapesand determines your destiny. I believe that we are born witheverything that we need for this life, that we are here to createour own reality and this is what we need to nurture for us to bewho we are.The human conditioning is generally such that we spend a greatdeal of our time self-destructing and running ourselves down, orjust generally having expectations of failure. Often this is onlydue to fear or maybe just following instructions that are bestsuited to someone else. So it is no wonder that we becomeso-called depressed or in my opinion just don’t like how we feel.This is when a massive amount of ailments will be created, aswe have lived a lifestyle that our body was not designed for.When we are able to reach a level where constructive thoughtsmainly replace negative thoughts of failure, with the aim tocreate what we really want in our lives, life becomesprogressively easier.I believe we create what is in our minds, so we need to becareful what we think, and making certain that it is really what wewant, and not what we fear could eventuate.In the past, your doctor’s medication was used in treatingsymptoms of your sickness and not why you became sick in thefirst place. Now there are new treatments involving our thinkingfor cancer and other conditions that help teach the body how tostop “the reason why we have it”. Just maybe, we can stoptrying to cure things and work at why we have them instead. Thisis very exciting.As most are aware, I believe that general health maintenanceand balancing ourselves is done by putting in the nutrition tobalance who we are and what we do with our day, so that wehave the energy and focus to stay generally content in our ownskin when challenged. Therefore, in many cases supplementsare better used in assisting with our diet in maintaining the “whowe are” so that the self is strong and we can stay positive andfocused. This reduces the requirements for a great deal ofsupplements, super foods and medication that have flooded themarket. Often they only treat symptoms and have no real usein correcting why we are sick, but are useful in the short term torepair damage while we otherwise treat the real imbalance.The power of a positive mind can overcome any type of disease;it just needs help to do so.Today’s busy lifestyle tends to create a great demand on ournervous system, lowering our positive action and focus. We needto keep our lives simple and as free as possible, and makecertain that our body’s nervous system is well looked after byputting in more small regular amounts to counteract what wetake out to complete our day and stay balanced.Have fun with your day.


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