Bed wetting
Generally the secrecy about a bed wetting difficulty makes the situation worse for the kids and the parents alike .
Ninty % of kids think they are the only ones who wet the bed .With twice as many boys with this problem as girls
They do generally naturally gain bladder control as thy age and most will have it nailed by the time they are ten .
Wetting the bed leaves bad feelings all around .with frustrated parents sometimes often thinking that a child is wetting the bed out of laziness .
Kids worry that there is something wrong with them --especially when teasing siblings chime in .
Unfortunately a fear of wetting the bed often becomes one of the biggest reasons in fact why they still do,
with that in mind if the child is emotional or highly frustrated ,as is often the case with this difficulty.it is important to
generally balance the child ,and as they are in a bone growth time of life it is important to supplement minerals to make certain there
is enough for all general development including the nervous systems requirements
It is a rarity for this to be difficulty to be caused by a structural problem .
There are alarms that may be used to wake the child before passing urine, I have found that balancing
the clients input of nerve nutrition using mineral balances and using a few basic ideas generally solve the problem
When old enough The responsibility should be the child's to look after the changing of the bed as it lessons the parent and child's frustration.
It is best to use a shower at night going to the loo before doing so and repeating this also after,
the shower will relax the body and let the bladder more fully empty.
Restricting a child's fluid intake before bed.by making the last drink more than an hour before bedtime may also help
Covering the mattress with plastic will protect the mattress .
Bed-wetting alarms. These alarms sense urine and wake a child so they can use the toilet.
Bladder-stretching exercise that may increase how much urine the bladder can hold.
General Recommendations
2-10 years Calcium Magnesium complex [CP.MP] or others recommended by us and a homeopathic formula.
With a stress b complex possibly added for older clients

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