Reduce skin ageing


Reduce Skin aging Yes!, we would probably all like to have young and healthy skin even at my age, so how do we do this and where do we start There are three main ways to improve your skin, nd this will depend on its general condition that it is in There is a great need to remember that all your skin area is like an open mouth and will absorb what you put on it regardless of where that is, so treat it all kindly but not fanatically.Clean the whole of your body but use as little soap as possible, the best why is to use limited amounts i on a sponge, and please don't go around the whole of the body with the soap in your hand or you will dry out the tissue. If you have a greasy, oily job use just what is required only to get the job done .Soap in itself will not improve the condition of the skin .If this is done and your skin still appears a little dry use, oily fish, and add Fish oil caps to your supplements list particularly, if you also have constipation or a joint difficulty. fish oil 2000 220 1-3 daily . Dry, oily, wrinkly or saggy skin use elastine no 1 tissue salts for three months particularly if you have vein or perhaps a hernia difficulty as well Diet what you put in and how it's used by your body and topping up with supplementation Good basic combination Diet with attention to specific things like oily skin or dry, in your makeup .
What you put on it Generally I would recommend a good Vt C or [rose hip] moisturizer for the face, Also a hand and body lotion particularly if you have dry skin , oily skinned people require nothing applied to their skin but require that they do Not overly wash there skin as it will make the situation worse


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