No to Calcium on its own


August 30, 2016
As you get older, it is often recommended that you take calcium to "protect your bones and teeth"... However, did you know that Calcium BY ITSELF can cause some major difficultys contributing to heart disease (arterial calcification), bone spurs, and even contributing to joint problems (joint calcification) ...

The problem is that supplementing with pure calcium is dangerous because your body needs everything in balance. For example, getting adequate vitamin K and vitamin D helps your body properly utilize calcium in the RIGHT places in your body instead of the WRONG places.
Also, your bones are NOT just calcium...they are made up of DOZENS of minerals. Taking just calcium supplements can make your bones worse, because you're causing the minerals to be out of balance in your body.
If you want strong bones, strong teeth, and you want to HALT artery calcification, joint calcification, and other problems that are caused by out of balance calcium, you NEED .If you have been having difficulties with calcification ,kidney or gallstones then use a Magnesium complex formula for three months plus a silica tablet to remove the calcified deposits .
Young children require good calcium levels for grownth and emotional levels go to thepotlot.co.nz calcium magnesium page .The Pot Lot Calcium Magnesium Complex with elemental calcium 270 mg elemental magnesium 250
vit D.vit C.Boron Zinc, vit K.and Silica.or Contact us at thepotlot.co.nz for personal info


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