Longtail Covid complications

Is Long Covid is a health threat. ?
We have been asked our thoughts on how the medical profession views this situation after people have had a full or mild attachment to the virus.
Long Covid is a growing concern

. Differing symptoms will often present themselves. But in general, the medical profession is saying 

There is some indication from the National Institute for Health and Care that one in five is likely to have several symptoms after showing a negative clearance of a covid 19 attack, then a week or two after its appearance and its supposed recovery.
Some of these symptoms can become serious and long-term damaging according to Professor John Donna Potter and Amanda Kvalsvig, with, in their opinion no recommendations for treatment at this stage due to the variety of different symptoms presenting themselves.

So, what would we use for covid?
As most of you are aware, I personally use my two body balance formulas at all times to stay self-strong, putting in what I take out to be me and to be who I am,

 Additionally, a daily dose of our virus+ herbal mix at the moment aids the immune system in prevention due to our continued work with clients that may have it but do not know so If I became positive, the dosage would be increased up to two hourly for two days at 10 drops 

As, a general recommendation; we never suggest strengthening the immune system by using high-powered supplements for the immune system unless the blood work indicates its requirement.

This is due to possible Autoimmune possibility. In fact, if you're looking for what you personally need, talk to us or text us so that your personal needs are met so that your body doesn't get flooded with supplements that your system doesn't require creating further imbalance    

Long Covid is a growing concern. 
  After a negative test, I would use liver and blood/blood mix to aid the liver in clearing the residues of the virus from the system while using a higher amount of water daily while the stomach is empty.  

My clients use this after three days of being vaccinated for the same reason.

 Virus + once daily to aid prevention. Appears to be working fine, but I have NO intentions of hiding from this as the best prevention is still getting the body accustomed to its new family member.

There will be further requirements to treat for instances like lung weakness is a very frequent occurring after effect of this virus with many.

In general, the idea is for us to try and prevent the longer-term development of the condition after a negative test presentation by helping the body to flush the filters in the body of the remaining virus. personal recommendations can be made using our contact by texting information and questions first. Roy


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