Digestion and the cleaning process

The best way to eat is one to two meals a day to maintain the correct Balance   

As we both enjoy eating together, we have changed our eating habits to twice daily Breakfast and evening meals the four days we are at the shop.  .leaving us a good clear window for our body's to empty our dustbin, any other food used at lunchtime would require five-hour spacing to avoid difficulties, then on our three days shared at home, we eat out at lunchtime to better to be able to deal with the less correct eating foods that we like to indulge ourselves twice a week and then don't eat until breakfast the next day.
Two to three hours after you’ve digested your food and absorbed its nutrients, the MMC wakes up and starts sweeping away any undigested food and bacteria from the stomach and small intestines.

This internal maintenance is vital for so many reasons (just ask anyone with SIBO, which can be caused by an ill-functioning MMC.)

Three times a day (or however often you eat), you need to break for at least four hours to allow the MMC to function properly.
What Happens When the MMC Stops Working?
Bacterial overgrowth (again, think of SIBO).

In healthy bodies, the MMC runs a sweep every 90 minutes or so (meaning it sweeps a couple of times during a four-hour break period.)
And any caloric intake at all will stop the MMC — other than some water since an MMC disruption requires upper digestive tract contact, you’ll stop the clearing process by snacking.

Without that process, undigested food particles and bacteria will build up after each meal or snack, making the clearing even more difficult. It also opens the door for leaky gut, poor nutrient absorption, and excess bacteria growth.
Those affected with slowed or damaged motility will experience symptoms like Bloating, Indigestion, Heartburn, Constipation, Diarrhea etc.

The best way to ensure that your MMC continues to clear away any undigested food and bacteria is to allow it to run uninhibited.
That means spacing your meals and eating times at least four hours apart unless you cannot do that for a medical reason.


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