Understand Your SOUL emotional Conection

Questions being asked and possible Answeres

. You feel very out of place but aren’t sure why.

You’re more-so feeling as if you’re not able to settle in
comfortably. This is your soul reminding you that you’re on a journey
and that your path is in need of furthering. The more comfortable you
get the more stagnant you will become and your soul doesn’t want that.

 You’re experiencing sleep disturbances.

Sometimes when our soul is trying to make something known it will
keep us up at night. Whether you’re unable to remain asleep or unable to
fall asleep, to begin with, you need to try to figure out what you’re
being made aware of. What is happening within you that you’re unable to

 You want to and are spending more time alone.

When we are more and more tuned into our higher selves or souls as a
whole we become more willing to be alone. If your soul is talking to you
and you’re actually hearing it out, you might isolate more and more.
That having been said, you’re not going to neglect connections with
others as a whole. You’re going to find balance..


can reveal a lot. Pay attention to which ones
you’re seeing and figure out what those numbers mean. When your soul
wants you to see something, it makes sure that you do.

 You’re attracting more positive connections for once.

When our soul is speaking and we are listening we are able to form
proper connections in our lives. Rather than holding off and being
overly negative, we’re more willing to get out there and do what needs
to be done. You’re able to find the right kinds of people when your soul
is speaking to you freely.

. You feel like things are beginning to fall into place.

When your soul is making something known it will do-so in a positive
or negative manner. Perhaps the fact that everything is going well is a
sign that you’re on the right path and doing well. Don’t take this
period for granted.

 The world around you doesn’t seem as terrifying anymore.

When we are more tuned into our souls we become less afraid of the
things this world places before us. That is because we are more aligned
with our energetic selves on a deeper level. Things become much less
intense here when we’re as we should be there.

 You are experiencing sudden emotional surges.

Our souls bring forth the right kinds of emotions when we need them.
For instance, if you’re in danger you may begin to feel out of place or
like you really need to get away from where you are. This is your soul
and it is always looking out for you.

 You’re having extremely vivid dreams.

On a soul level we are always speaking with ourselves. Dreams are one
way this happens when we dream our soul is able to reveal things to us
that we otherwise would struggle to understand. There is a real
connection during this time that cannot be broken.






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