Sleep Difficulties

Not being able to sleep has become a major problem ,this is often due to our less active physical action and our often high emotional activity and the often unnecessary high demands that we put on ourselves and this will often leave our  minds doing crazy things that often make no constructive  sense at all ,a little like a parrot sitting on your shoulder that will not shut the hell up what ever we try to do, or often take ,all at a time when all we are looking for is a quite mind and some sleep
It is properly better to use a combination of things to create that over all balance within the self that brings back some feeling of sanity to your mind not only at night but during the day as well ,as a better fed emotional self will help in creating a feeling of comfort in your own skin that will make you centred and quietly focused , therefore better able to have a better sleep pattern.Here is a few other recommendations to help in creating the sleep pattern that you need ,then generally once this is in place it becomes easer to maintain as this becomes your regular pattern and not the one you was unhappy with.Late night drinks that maybe helpfull for calming the mind,l warm Milk with nutmeg, relaxing herb teas but just 1/2 cup this gives more relaxing  herbs this way and less loo visits ,our just warm water [body temperature ]Coffee ,Hot Chocolate ,are all stimulants and are therefore  not recommended  5-10 drops of our Sleep Relax drops 30 minutes before sleep is still the best recommendation ,this is a combination of liquid relaxing herbs and mind quietening Bach flower remedies,to best prepare you for sleep time ,If you enjoy a good read before bed do make it something less exiting ,and I strongly recommend that this is done before actually going to bed  . Night meals that have proven to be helpful is chicken and brown rice, but do try to eat as early as possible .Some that have a real hard time and are really unable to get of f to sleep  may choose to get up and do the things  your not supposed too, or do the ironing ,very quickly that should make you think yes now I am ready for sleep,If you have been driving yourself crazy with that overactive imaginative mind of yours ,try keeping your eyes open starring at something not to exiting like a picture of your mother in law on the wall , opening your eyes if thy close, you will be asleep in no time as you will have bored your mind and it will give up ,you will be asleep before you know it .Do remember to take your your Sleep /Relax drops   in with you to bed  repeating the dose when you are settled and you have got your partner off to sleep without them snoring  so that you can  head for fantasy land .Have a good night guys


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