Let the Kid back in

The Childhood Spirit

During childhood, we are in our least conditioned state. The subconscious mind is still accumulating its most significant proportion of stimuli, which becomes a primary driving force for our behaviour in later life. The conditioned mind functions according to the demands of the ego. The ego operates according to the external world, preoccupied with past and future states. As a child, we are more absorbed in the present moment, so our intuitive instincts dictate how we act. Our intuition communicates through our feelings, which serve as necessary signals. Naturally, then, unrestricted by time, we are driven down the path of the highest excitement to creatively pursue our individuality and become engaged in manifesting our highest potential.

Even when connected to the present moment, a child can still constructively utilise their conscious mind. This comes through using the imagination, but not as a form of escapism. When we become lost in abstractions or trapped by the future, the ability to create now is hindered. As a child, however, we imagine reality as if it were real, bringing the accompanying feelings back to the present moment. We start to live as though we are already the person we want to become. These feelings give children the innate motivation to play, explore and create. This state of being is much more influential than the specific images conjured up by the imagination......



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