Get to the root of the Problem

The Root of the Problem

Whenever someone attempts any healing, they are always trying to remove the symptom, because that is what they consider as disease. If you take away the indicator, the root of the problem still exists. The indicator manifested itself on the physical body just to bring that root to your notice. Instead of taking notice of it and seeing what should be done about it, if you just wipe out the indicator, the root will take effect in a much more drastic way in your system. What was asthma can become a big accident or some other calamity in your life. It is possible.

If the root has to be removed, it cannot just be removed and dissolved like that. It has to be taken out and worked out in some way. These attempts to heal somebody are a very juvenile process, it is a very childish thing to do. People have not understood and experienced life in any great depth; they have seen life only in the physical dimension, so they believe that relieving a person of his physical pain at that moment is the greatest thing they can do. It is not so.

Just getting instant relief will relieve you in one way but bind you in some other way.It is understandable that once the pain of the disease comes to you, you just want to be relieved, it does not matter how. But if you are beginning to feel life a little deeper than the physical body, you will see that how you get rid of your disease also matters.

Disease will go away if you dedicate enough attention to reorganizing your own energies. But you have to go through something. Just getting instant relief will relieve you in one way but bind you in some other way. No one who genuinely walks a spiritual path will ever attempt healing because it is a sure way of entangling yourself. Some of these things which have become famous around the globe today came from people who dropped out halfway through their spiritual process, after acquiring a little power. They wanted to use it and market themselves well.

. If you are on any live spiritual path, whoever is heading that place will always make sure that you never acquire any kinds of powers. We want to be ordinary, very ordinary – extra-ordinary. We don't have the disease of wanting to become special by doing something that others cannot do. It is not necessary. In trying to play God, in some way you want to do something that other human beings cannot do. This can lead to lots of entanglement. These things are a sideshow. In India, as you approach any temple, there will be shops on both sides with all kinds of trinkets. If you get too drawn to these trinkets, you will never reach the sanctum . By the time you go there, the doors will be closed.

Editor's Note: Excerpted from the book "Body: The Greatest Gadget", available at Isha Downloads.


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