Cream----Rosehip enrichment cream 100 gm, vitamin C

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For difficult skin

The red fruit is a vitamin C-bomb and even complies with the wishes of demanding skin. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of our connective tissue, whose share has continued to decline over the years. As valuable ingredient in the cream has a unique moisturizing effect and gives the skin new elasticity and resilience. Signs of aging are reduced, making your complexion youthful and fresh.

Application: Just after cleansing apply to the face and look forward to the improvement, ideal to correct many skin conditions like psoriasis due to better oil balance held in the tissue particularly that are worst in stressful situations 

Consistency Cream
Naturalness certified natural cosmetics
Skin Type mature skin, dry skin, all skin types
Certification Cruelty-Free (IHTK), VEGAN
Effect anti-aging, moisturizing, regenerating, firming
Application Areas Face
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