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SportsVel Black Label contains deer velvet powder sourced from the south island of New Zealand.

SportsVel Black Label Contents:

Sir Bob Charles SportsVel 100 capsules uniquely processed containing 220mgs of pure untipped New Zealand deer velvet.

Suggested Benefits:

To support strength, activity and joint mobility.

Recommended Intake:

1-4 capsules daily with food.

Most common intake is two capsules per day with food.


Do not take at night if you suffer from insomnia.

Results from taking deer velvet can differ for each person, for
some people they can feel results really quickly and others it can take
anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, it is important to take the product
every day to get maximum results.

Best results are achieved by taking the deer velvet 20 minutes
before any caffeine drinks, caffeine can negate the full effect of the
deer velvet or any natural supplement.

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