Weleda earache relief Oral drops





Oral drops for earache and glue ear, to dry out mucous and relieve
pain. Take with Weleda Earache Relief Ear Drops for additional
effectiveness. Natural. NZ Made. Homoeopathic Medicine.


Contains equal parts of: Apis mellifica 3x; Echinacea angustifolia 3x; Levisticum, fresh, decoct. 3x; in water/ethanol base.

Directions for use:

Take 5 drops(child under 7 years), 10 drops(7-14 years), 15 drops (adult) 3 times daily at least 15 minutes before meals. In acute cases take every two hours. Or as directed by your health professional.

If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.

Store below 30C, away from direct sunlight and strong smelling substances.

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