Weleda Earache relief ear drops




Helps dry out mucous and relive pain in prolonged earache and glue ear maybe taken with relief eardrops for additional effectiveness


Helps dry out mucus and relieve pain in prolonged earache and glue ear
For best results use in conjunction with Earache Relief Oral Drops (Levisticum Comp.)

These ear drops help to relieve any pain associated with inflammation and build-up of mucous, and also help to dry up mucous.

They contain a mixture of herbs extracted in olive oil together with an essential oil.

The Levisticum root, containing an essential oil, mucilage and a bitter principle, helps to dry up mucous formation in the ear. The Equisetum (or Horse-tail) is a silica rich plant, also useful in drying up mucous. Lavender flowers and Clove essential oil soothe the irritation and relieve pain. A form of natural silica is used homoeopathically to enhance the other herbs ability to dry up the mucous and reduce inflammation.

Equisetum arvense - healing of inflammatory illnesses of the skin, mucosa and soft tissues.

Lavender angustifolia - antiseptic as well as soothing properties.

Clove Bud essential oil - soothes pain.

Quartz - relieves ear discharge, roaring in ears.

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