Weleda Arnica 6x drops



  1. Arnica 6 x drops is required for injury to body situation
  2.  for bruising
  3. pre operations  and after
  4. maybe used in pregnancy  Description
    Weleda Arnica 6x Drops provides speedy recovery after sports injury or other trauma. Weleda Arnica 6x Drops assists in the repair and healing of bruised and sprained tissues and muscles, after falls, knocks, sports injuries, muscle ache after exercise, and surgery. What else should I know? Classification General Sale Active Ingredients Weleda Arnica 6x Drops contains: Arnica montana, fresh whole plant juice 6x in water /ethanol base. Dosage In acute cases take 5 (child) to 10 to 15 drops (adult) of Weleda Arnica 6x Drops every 15 minutes. After 6 doses reduce to every hour until relief is obtained, then three times daily at least 15 minutes before meals. Customer Review

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