Large Calcium Magnesium Powder 250gm

The Pot Lot



Our very popular higher magnesium to Calcium ratio powder

Try Calcium Magnesium powder for children and adults that now breaks down in water, purchased from our store  there
are many reasons to take a good lower calcium with a high absorption
magnesium Complex mineral formula. To aid in  bone balance, may help
with period pains, headaches ,cramp and as it in quietening the mind and
so it will generally help sleep patterns if taken half an hour or so
before bed. The Pot Lot Calcium Magnesium is a 150 gm powder 1/2 to one
level teaspoon taken daily and is recommended for active bone growing
people, or people that have difficulty swallowing pills. Growing and
teething pains are almost always a lack of Minerals

dosage depending on size and body weight adults generally 1/2 of a teaspoon

very physical adults up to a tsp

3 gm  teaspoon                              providing

Marine Calcium              1600mg -480mg]

Marine Magnesium         1143mg -400mg

Zinc  citrate                    30.7           9.2mg

Boron    Chelate               36.8          1.8 mg

V   K         50 mcg

V  D           25 mcg

Lemon Powder and apple  powder   and Citric acid

cal/mag complex powder, now in a larger size.

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