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GO MAGNESIUM SLEEP is formulated to help support a deep relaxed sleep

. Two forms of Magnesium have been included to help increase absorption and bioavailability. The highly absorbable Magnesium chelate plus natural marine Magnesium, both of which will help relax muscles and ease nervous tension.
Tart Cherry supports those who not only have trouble getting to sleep, but also those who find it hard staying asleep.
A calming formulation with the incorporation of Passionflower, Zizyphus and 5-HTP to relax the body, mind and support a good nights sleep.
Supports a deep restful sleep
Supports relaxation, soothing muscle tension and tightness
Helps to ease worry, tension and stress
A gentle, high absorption, oxide free Magnesium
VegeCap Advantage

Ideal combination for getting off to sleep all the known formulas .

Use sleep relax drops if difficulty with waking during the night

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