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You ladies have for the most of your life been slim eat food and burn it off types, and you are more likely to climb trees and get into mischief than wear a party dress. Your symptoms are more likely to be dryness of body and therefore uncomfortable while making love and with a need for Harkers great persona prima cream and plenty of oil dressings and omega three oil [Sanderson ] 220 x 2000mg caps as you will be dry internally also. It is more likely to make you grumpy too, with the sweats or flushes there for a few days and then gone. So your formulas should be more into balancing the hormones without just using a black cohosh formula . A good one for starters is Harmony for a month then this may be stopped and restarted as required. Some may require one of Life Forces homeopathic formulas so talk to your naturopath or health adviser to find out what will best work for you.

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