A formula with Hydroxyapatite to get Calcium into bones .

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High Physical activity,  120 tablets

Low Levels of minerals may lead to abnormal heartbeat, convulsions, dementia   .
As we age the risk of deficiency increases due to low stomach acidity and breakdown of these minerals.
Useful in Post-menopausal woman,assisting in maintaining bone structure. The continual use of this combination formula can potentially reduce the risk of fractures over time. 

Good formula for getting calcium into the bones

1-2 daily depending on your output, best taken at night or two hours away from your medication.

Calcium citrate 678 mg
Hydroxyapatite Calcium 517 mg
Magnesium oxide 416 mg
Zinc Sulphate 1.38 mg
Manganese amino acid 10 mg
Horsetail herbs 50 mg
Vitamin C 30 MG
Vitamin D 2.5 mcg
Vitamin K1 2.2 mcg
Patients on prescription drugs should take this formula at least two hours apart from the medication. This supplement may be taken away from food.

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