Calcium Magnesium Complex 120 Tablet

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Cramp, Over-active minds, Sleep Patterns,
High Physical activity, $27.00 for 120 tablets
Low Levels of minerals can lead to abnormal heartbeat,convulsions, dementia. As we age the rik of deficiency increases due to low stomach acidity. Useful in Post menopausal woman,assisting in maintaining bone structure .With the continual use of this combination formula can potentially reduce the risk of fractures over time Having difficulty's with Cramp,over-active mind, cant wind down at night , Sleep difficulty's, Sports people or if your works is very active a or physical this is the one for you 1-4 daily depending on your output .

Calcium citrate 678 mg Hydoxyapatite Calcium 517 mg Magnesium oxide 416 mg Zinc Sulphate 1.38 mg Mangernese amino acid 10 mg Horsetail herbs 50 mg Vitamin C 30 MG Vitamin D 2.5 mcg Vitamin K1 2.2 mcg Patients on proscription drugs, should take this formula at other times this supplement maybe taken away from food '
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