Stress B NERVE complex formula 120 and 250

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understanding of this formula is simply putting in the water soluble nutrition required by feeling ,emotional, artistic, creative ,get up and go people that live there life to the full. You may not be sitting there worrying about something in particular ,although if you are then this also is for you,but you are just not meeting your output with your input and this formula will certainly have you fired up [2--4 daily but not at night unless you are partying .So go to it and live life too your expectations

Full of Life people need to feel comfortable in there own Skin

So what is stress anyway? It is naturally any number of things that are able to set off the flight or fight reaction by something that rocks your boat, and therefore sets off the adrenalin reaction .

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Ingredients of three tablet

Niacinamide 50mg,l-Glutamine 100mg,Calcium pantothenate 100 mg B6 50 mg,
B120 mg B2 15mg inositol 15mg,.Choline 15 mg folic acid 300 mcg.biotin 100mcg,paba,10mg,magnesium 100mg Calcium 50mg,potassium50mg,Zinc10 mgchromium150mcg, licorice root1500mg, ginseg 500mg,passiflora300mg,vervain 300mg,vitc 200mg grapeseed50mgtableting aid breakfast and lunch 2-3 daily

manufatores comments

There are as many different causes of stress as there are people but the body's response to stress has not changed in thousands of years. This response is essential when physical action (fight or flight) is needed and as increase in blood sugar supply to the muscle is required urgently.

The body's response to excessive stress can be likened to a muscle that has been worked too hard for too long. It gets tired and then requires a period of rest to recover. If it keeps getting worked then eventually damage will occur. Over a long period of time this leads to a variety of symptoms including fatigue, skin problems, allergies, recurring colds and flu.
B-vitamins are all water soluble and not stored efficiently by the body. Thus they are needed daily through either diet or supplements. Deficiencies occur easily especially with weight loss diets or diets that include large amounts of refined and processed foods, sugars or alcohol. Antibiotics will also kill the intestinal flora therefore decreasing the potential to produce B-vitamins.
This carefully combined the formulation works synergistically to help the body cope with stress and address any B-vitamins deficiencies.

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