Waterzone purifier and mineral balance

Comes complete with all parts for just $189.00 or plus $ 20 post

$189.00 one full set in store

Replacement parts in store

$18 for a Tap Replacement


Main Filter replacement [9-12 months ]

Replacement required generally after -3 years 

$27.00 EACH

Ceramic first stage replacement filter [approx 3- 4 years ]


Waterzone Filtration System iinfomation

The Waterzone seven stage filtration system holds 15 Lt of tap water fill the top at night as it will take some hours to be filtered through the dome, then filling again in the morning to get the full 15 Lt passing into the main filter and then into the holding tank that contains crystal stones .It is advisable to only fill with water required for that day.The ceramic dome removes all the heavy material and bugs .The main filter will then remove 99.9% of everything else .The crystal stones replace the minerals and assist in protecting the water until used .The system comes complete with all the parts with .The main filter needing replacements generally after 9-12 months depending on the water contaminates .the stones and the dome 4-5 years with the dome being cleaned with baking soda as required due to the heavy metals that are taken out .[keep the machines out of sunlight

Mineral stones replacement $28.00


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