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Joint Arthritis

Congestive arthritis

Pain and stiffness after sitting

This condition is always worst after sitting or sleeping and is in the main caused by acidic build up crystallizing in the joint space locking the bones together until movement breaks it up .
With this condition we recommend to avoid acid foods as in citrus fruit of the orange family .
and SP.MP [practitioner] maybe recommended to you if a little gouty .

Both symptoms noticed

sometimes this continual breaking up action will inflame the joint creating a worse for sitting but becoming uncomfortably as the day goes on .in this case an option to use both of the recommended formulas until one of the symptoms has stopped .
If this is noticed we advice that wen ordering add a comment that one of each formula is requested as these products are both the same price .

  • Glucosamine Sulphate complex – the research-proven form of Glucosamine.
  • Chondoitin Sulphate – a major component in the lining of joints, may be depleted by joint degeneration.
  • Two easy to swallow capsules provides the clinically recommended dose of Glucosamine Sulphate complex.
  • Boron added for bone strength – deficient in NZ soils; enhances calcium absorption.
  • Copper promotes enzymes and regulators that assist formation of optimal bone structure; copper may be depleted by calcium supplementation.
  • Manganese, like copper, promotes optimal bone matrix.
  • Zinc also promotes enzymes and regulators required for healthy bones; zinc may also be depleted by calcium supplementation.

ONE A DAY formula for Pain worse for movement

Joint Inflamation

Arthritis means inflamed joint ,so the natural elements to treat this are
Glucosamine Chondrotin and natural anti inflammatory's like willow bark and Numeric , ginger ,
there are a number of useful herbal anti inflammatory's also available.
The main symptom of this complaint is pain worse for movement the more one moves the greater the pain becomes only improving with rest .
If the pain improves as you move it is a congestive condition .