Calcium Magnesium complex

Cramp, Grumpy 

 Higher Calcium levels and lower Magnesium than Powder.

Low dietary levels of Calcium increase the risk of high blood pressure.
Severe deficiency can lead to abnormal heartbeat, dementia and
 As we age the risk of deficiency
escalates because of decreased absorption due to lowered stomach
acidity. Nutrition surveys show that many people, particularly women,
eat diets that fail to supply the recommended Calcium intake (800 mg per
day for adults).
 A good accumulation of Calcium
in the bones in the early stages of life is the best prevention of
age-related bone loss and fractures. Studies show, however, that in
post-menopausal women supplemental Calcium may slow bone loss,
furthermore the rate of reduction can be sufficient to potentially
reduce the risk of fractures

Calcium Magnesium 


  provides 270mg of elemental calcium from two
bio-available sources – Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Citrate.

Horsetail herb is also included to provide a natural source of silica which helps the body to 'fix' calcium stores.

The formulation includes vitamin C to aid calcium absorption.

Nutritional cofactors zinc, boron, manganese and vitamin K are included to aid bone mineralisation.

Magnesium supports bone density, while vitamin D assists the body's uptake of calcium.

Tablets have a smooth vanilla coating and a break-bar to assist swallowing
 Active Ingredients:

 Calcium Citrate (providing Calcium 143mg) 678mg

Hydroxyapatite (providing Calcium 127mg) 517mg


Magnesium Oxide (providing Magnesium 250mg) 416mg

Zinc Sulphate (providing Zinc 500mcg) 1.38mg

Manganese Amino Acid Chelate (providing Manganese 1mg) 10mg

Borax (providing Boron 400mcg) 3.5mg

Equisetum arvense (Horsetail herb) 50mg

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 30mg

Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 100iu 2.5mcg

Vitamin K1 (Phytomenadione) 2.2mcg

Calcium Magnesium complex

Calcium magnesium powder  Powder 

higher ratio of Magnesium to Calcium

As this product is a marine souse and ground very fine absorption  is quick and therefore strong, and this needs to be taken into account with the amount you use  Calcium Magnesium powder for children and adults that now breaks down in water or mixed with food ,

there are many reasons to take a good lower calcium with a higher absorption magnesium Complex mineral formula. To aid in  bone balance, may help with period pains, headaches ,cramp and  quietening the mind and so it will generally help sleep patterns if taken half an hour or less before bed. The Pot Lot Calcium Magnesium is a 250 gm powder 1/2 to one level teaspoon taken daily for adults and is recommended for active bone growing people, or people that have difficulty swallowing pills. Growing pains  and teething pains are almost always a lack of Minerals

Calcium Magnesium Complex 


usage average adult    1/2 tsp      physically very active up to a tsp

child                              1/4 tsp or less depending on age

3 gm  teaspoon                              providing

Marine Calcium              1600mg -  480mg]

Marine Magnesium         1143mg -  400mg

Zinc  citrate                    30.7           9.2mg

Boron    Chelate               36.8          1.8 mg

V   K         50 mcg

V  D           25 mcg

Lemon Powder and apple  powder   and Citric ac

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