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#Calcium #Magnesium complex POWDER 150 gm

Try Calcium Magnesium powder for children and see the difference in days,particularly with A.D.H or other emotional disturbances.
Naturally there are many more reasons to take a good calcium with a high absorption magnesium Complex mineral formula For bones, period pains, headaches ,cramp and to quieten minds and so it will generally help sleep patterns if taken half an hour or so before bed . The pot lot Calcium Magnesium is a 150 gm powder for $22.00 one level teaspoon is equal to two of the old capsules taken daily and is recommended for active bone growing people. or people that have difficulty swallowing pills. Growing and teething pains are almost always a lack of Calcium and Magnesium and for teething with the very young one would use teething salts,this is an easy to administer tiny, mouth dissolving pill containing calcium Magnesium and iron, it may be used more often, at difficult times if required .
As the body requires more Calcium and magnesium to produce teeth, pain is an indication that more is required as with the the use of the powder So this naturally treats the reason why the pain is there and not the pain itself, yet the pain will go as the correct amount is found by the body to supply requirements.convenient and easy to use Calcium and Magnesium complex powder.

Recommended amount for 2-9 years is half teaspoon once or twice daily
up to the age of maturity with rapid growth 1-2 teaspoons daily depending on activity and moods .
maybe mixed in small amounts of any foods best with more solid foods or yogurt .
ingredients per 3-gm teaspoon are-----
Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Phosphate 2.34 g elemental 810 mg
Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Aspartate 617 mg
Zinc gluternate 71 mg 9.2 elemental
Boron chelate 37 mg elemental 3.5 mg
Vitamin D3 9.2 mcg
Adults are better using the tablets due to the lower Calcium levels,is usable due to the good leval of highly obsorble magnesium but is
Nerve Balance,IRREGULAR HEART BEAT, bone growth,muscular activity,cramp,headaches ,calming the mind for sleep,

Overactive Minds ,not Sleeping , headaches

Calcium Magnesium powder $22

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Calcium Magnesium Complex Tablet

Lower levels than requirement may cause
Cramp.....Over-Active minds irregular Sleep Patterns, High Physical or emotional Activity,
Irregular heartbeat, Dementia,
. As we age the risk of deficiency increases due to low stomach acidity. Useful in Post menopausal woman,assisting in maintaining bone structure .With the continual use of this combination formula can potentially reduce the risk of fractures over time Having difficulty's with Cramp,over-active mind, cant wind down at night , Sleep difficulty's, Sports people or if your works is very active a or physical this is the one for you 1-4 daily depending on your output .
Calcium Citrate 678 mg
Hydoxyapatite Cacium 517 mg
Magnesium oxide 416 mg
Zinc Sulphate 1.38 mg
Mangernese Amino
Horsetail herbs 50 mg
Vitamin C 30 mg.
Vitamin D 2.5 m.c.g.

Vitamin K1 2.2 m.c.g
Patients on proscription medicines particularly Warfrin should consult their health Guy to arrange when to take and how many

Calcium Magnesium 120 Tablets